Frames, Skirting and Architraves

Made to order and off the shelf door frames, skirting boards and architraves
Complete your doors with door frames, skirting boards and architrave from Designer Wooden Doors. Offering you a large choice of materials and designs, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect addition to finish your door.

If you have a special request we can make a bespoke door frame to match your existing door, which will naturally incorporate all grooves from your current door through to the frame if required. If you need more than just a bespoke door frame, we can also craft a specialist bespoke door designed specifically to complement your home.

To finish your door with side or top lights simply let us know and we will modify your off the shelf, or made to order goods.

Oak frames, skirting and architraves from Designer Wooden Doors

Continue a warm and welcoming theme for your home with our range of oak door frames, skirting and architraves.

With Designer Wooden Doors, you can choose to match an oak frame with your existing door, or we can custom make you a door and frame that compliment your home.

All our matching accessories are made to match the design of your door, or the door that you have chosen from our range. This means that any grooving is continued on the door frame, the skirting, and the architrave.

Walnut FSA

Walnut is a rich and striking dark wood that is growing in popularity in both traditional and modern houses. It offers a sophisticated and elegant statement that lasts.

We can provide walnut door frames, skirting, and architraves to complement your home’s doors and overall style. We also offer matched side and top lights.

If you simply want to frame an existing door, we can match the woods perfectly, and continue any grooving on the door into the design of the frame.

Hardwood FSA

Finish off a sophisticated hardwood door look with Designer Wooden Doors frames, skirting and architraves.

Our hardwood accessories are made to last and designed to withstand all the knocks that life brings.

You can choose to compliment your existing hardwood door, or ask us about our custom door design service. When we match our softwood accessories to your existing door, we take special care to ensure that any grooving is faithfully replicated.

Softwood FSA

Complement your existing softwood door style, or ask us to design you a custom door with matching frame, skirting and architrave.
Our softwood accessories range is made from sustainable materials, so that we can offer you environmentally friendly options. This range includes pitch pine, semi-clear pine and hemlock.

We will use specially matched softwood to complement an existing door, continuing any design into the grooving of the frame, skirting, and architrave.