External Door Furniture

External Door Accessories

Beautiful door furniture to complement your house

To finish off your home’s brand new look, consider how door knobs and knockers can enhance your door’s appearance. You can find a range of delicate, bold, funky and distinguished door furniture at Designer Wooden Doors, including door hinges, door stops, door knockers and locks.

In addition to door accessories you can also find letterplates and numbers to match the style you wish to create for your house.

When choosing a handle or lock for an exterior door, durability will always come high on the list. But what happens when security interferes with the overall look of the door?

With Designer Wooden Doors accessories, there is no need to compromise. All of our door handles, locks and hinges are designed to last, as well as create the perfect style for your door.

From a wide range of accessories, including:

  • Chrome door handles
  • Door knobs and ornate handles
  • Hard-wearing hinges
  • High security door locks
  • Door latches
  • Door numbers
  • Door bells