What makes an solid Oak Door the Right Choice?

Solid oak doors are generally more expensive than veneered doors, so can you justify the extra cost? Whether you choose a solid wooden door or a veneered door will ultimately come down to your budget and personal preferences. Many people look at veneered doors, and don’t see much difference between them and solid wood! However, the majority of people prefer the elegance, luxurious aesthetics exuded by solid wood!

If the energy-saving is important to you then solid doors may make for a better choice! Thick, solid oak provides excellent natural insulation in your home, which can help to reduce your energy bills. This insulation also works to reduce sound from travelling between rooms – if you have a baby, a snoring relative or a rowdy teenager then this is essential!

Finally solid oak doors are strong and durable, meaning they provide better security and will last substantially longer than cheaper materials!

If you’re looking for solid oak doors in Enfield, or the surrounding areas, then get in touch with Designer Wooden Doors today!

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