Pine Doors in Surrey

When choosing doors, the first material that usually comes to mind is oak! Oak is one of the most popular material choices for internal doors…however pine is not far behind.

Why Choose Pine Doors?

In many ways, a solid pine door will not differ very much from a solid oak door. Most wooden doors offer excellent durability and soundproofing. The only two differences between these materials are in appearance and price. Pine doors tend to be cheaper due to the availability of the material. To determine which wood you prefer, you will need to take a look at photographs online or visit a door supplier in person.

Pine Doors Suit Any Home

With a natural, minimal stain, a pine door will compliment a rustic or traditional home. Alternatively it can be varnished, which will suit a contemporary interior. This makes pine an excellent choice for any period or style of home!

Designer Wooden Doors

Here at Designer Wooden Doors near Surrey, you can choose from a range of pine door designs, or have a bespoke creation to suit your needs. Why not get in touch to find out more?