Fitting an Interior Door

You’ve searched high and low for the best deal on your new internal door and now you have the choice of whether to fit it yourself or to bring in a tradesman. Before you reach for the phone book or fire up Google, take a quick look at our guide to fitting an interior door.


If you already have your door then you should already have the correct measurements for the door frame. However, if you haven’t ordered the door yet, you’ll need to get yourself a tape measure to record the height and width, making sure to be as accurate as possible to save any hassle later on. If it isn’t possible to buy the exact size you need, you’ll have to do a bit of trimming when the door arrives. It is important to note that each door will be different in regards to how much leeway you will have when trimming – it’s always best to check before placing the order to make sure you get the perfect fit.


Next, hold the door up to the frame and check the sizing. Ideally, the door should have a gap of 2mm on the top and sides, whilst the bottom gap will depend on the thickness of flooring you have i.e. wooden flooring, carpets etc. If any adjustments are required, simply mark out how much you need to take off and then get to work with the plane. You might find you’ll get a smoother finish if you use an electric plane rather than a manual one. Once you’ve trimmed the door to size, smooth the edges down with fine sandpaper.

Fixing Hinges to the Door & Frame

Lay the hinges on the frame and mark out where they will sit. Simply chisel the wood away, put the hinge in place and secure each one with a single centre screw. Then, using wedges underneath, put the door where it will sit in the frame and mark the locations of the hinges on the door.

With the door on a stable surface, remove the hinges from the frame and lay them where they should be, according to the markings you just made. Next, chisel away the excess wood ready for the hinges to be attached and secure them to the door with a single centre screw.

Note: Use two hinges for doors made from real wood veneer, moulded, foil, hardboard and MDF hollow core and three hinges for feature and primed doors.

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