Ensure Your House is Secure with High Security Doors

Whether you own business premises or just have a house or apartment, security is always going to be a concern. The first priority for a business will be ensuring that stock and equipment is kept safe whilst home-owners will be most concerned with keeping their family and possessions safe. Out of all the possible defences you can have to prevent a theft form your property, one of the most effective will be a high security door. If a burglar isn’t able to gain access to your property via a door, any attempt to enter and remove your stock or possessions will be severely hampered – especially if they choose to access it through another makeshift entrance such as a window. In this case, they will either be forced to abandon the break-in or are highly likely to get caught due to the process being so slow and drawn out. For this reason, plus many others too, you should consider installing a high security door in your home or business too. If you want to ensure your house is secure with high security doors, take a look at the great range from Designer Wooden Doors.

Features of High Security Doors

Some of the most common features found on high security doors will include the following;

  • Steel Shootbolts – These steel shootbolts fire deep into the door frame once the lock is activated
  • Steel Keeper Plates – To provide extra strength & rigidity around the shootbolts
  • Forged Brass Mortice Centre Bolt – An extra layer of security to protect the centre of the door
  • Advanced Door Handles & Locks – High security locks will feature anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill features to resist any attempts of tampering
  • Multipoint Locking Hook Bolts – This feature reduces the chances of the door being levered out of the frame by deploying three or more steel hooks into the frame.

If you would like to talk to an advisor about the best solution for your particular needs, just visit the Designer Wooden Doors website atwww.designerwoodendoors.co.uk.