A Guide to Odd Size Internal Doors

Odd size internal doorsThe quirky ceiling heights, wobbly flooring and unusual door shapes of period properties certainly add to their character! However, these endearing quirks can soon present a problem when it comes to fitting new windows and doors. It isn’t just older properties that present odd size internal doors. If a house has a new floor fitted, which is considerably thicker or thinner than the old flooring, it can then affect the sizing of the door frame – turning it from a standard size to an odd size!

If you have measured your door frame and find that the edges aren’t straight, or the measurements aren’t ‘standard’, then you will have a few options to choose from.

1. Cut a standard sized door down to size 

Buy a standard sized door that is bigger than your frame. You can then take your frame measurements and cut the door down to size. This requires some fairly serious tools, such as a circular saw, and some considerable DIY skills.

2. Invest in custom-built doors

If you are not confident cutting a door down to size, then your other option is to have the doors bespoke made. Although these doors will be more expensive than ‘standard’ sizes, the doors can be crafted to your exact specifications – including the materials, style and embellishments. Having the doorframe measured by professionals, will ensure that your new door will be an exact match for your frame.

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